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★ Greenwoods

Greenwoods cat litter is available in different varieties. Choose from a natural wood litter or traditional bentonite clumping litter. All Greenwoods cat litter is very absorbent and binds nasty odours quickly and effectively. You are sure to find the perfect litter for your cat.

On Sale Now

30l Greenwoods Natural Clumping Cat Litter - Special Price!*

16.99 16.99 GBP 1
30l (approx. 12.9kg)
Was  £17.99
Now  £16.99
( £0.57 / l)
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Greenwoods Trial Packs:

Greenwoods Trial Pack II - 6 x 70g Wet Cat Food + 8l Litter*

8.99 8.99 GBP 1
Mixed Pack (6 x 70g) + Litter (8l)
individually priced £9.48
Now £8.99
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Greenwoods Clumping Wood Litter: All natural

Greenwoods Natural Clumping Litter

5.49 17.99 GBP 2
8l (approx. 3.4kg)
Was  £5.99
Now  £5.49
( £0.69 / l)
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30l (approx. 12.9kg)
( £0.60 / l)
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Greenwoods Natural Clay Clumping Litter: Fast clumping

Greenwoods Natural Clay Clumping Cat Litter with Zeolite

5.99 19.99 GBP 3
( £1.00 / kg)
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( £0.86 / kg)
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Economy Pack: 2 x 14kg
individually priced £23.98
Now £19.99
( £0.71 / kg)
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