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thrive Cat Treats Saver Pack

Product description

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Fish (5 x 15g)
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Liver (5 x 25g)
individually priced £12.45
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Chicken (5 x 25g)
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Tuna (5 x 25g)
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Product description

Tasty thrive Cat Treats from Petproject are a premium cat snack, made using only fresh fish or meat which is freeze-dried to lock in the taste and goodness. thrive Cat Treats come in a unique re-sealable tube and are a 100% natural, delicious snack for between meals. These snacks are well accepted and your cat will adore them.

thrive Cat Treats are made from 100% wholesome fish or meat and contain no additives, preservatives or colours. Your cat will not be able to get enough of them.

The thrive Cat Treats Saver Pack is available in the following flavours:

  • Fish (5 x 15g)
  • Chicken (5 x 25g)
  • Tuna (5 x 25g)
  • Liver (5 x 25g)
The complex freeze drying process preserves the delicious treats and ensures that all important nutrients are retained and that the great taste is not affected. Freeze drying is an exceptionally gentle production method and frequently used by the pharmaceutical industry. British vets frequently favour thrive Cat Treats because they are very palatable and well-accepted by cats of all breeds.


thrive Cat Treats - Fish: 100% white fish (freeze-dried)
thrive Cat Treats - Chicken: 100% chicken (freeze-dried)
thrive Cat Treats - Tuna: 100% tuna (freeze-dried)
thrive Cat Treats - Liver: 100% liver (freeze-dried)

Analytical constituents

protein 82.4 %
fat 7.6 %
fibre 0.1 IU
ash 6.1 %
moisture 4.9 %
protein 62.6 %
fat 22.6 %
fibre 0.5 %
ash 8.8 %
moisture 4.1 %
protein 84.7 %
fat 4.1 %
fibre 0.2 IU
ash 5.9 %
moisture 5.1 %
protein 90.0 IU
fat 1.3 IU
fibre 0.1 IU
ash 3.9 IU
moisture 7.8 IU

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:
Supplement meals with up to four thrive Cat Treats, twice daily. Fresh drinking water should always be freely available for your cat.


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