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Naturediet Mixed Saver Pack 54 x 390g

Product description

Naturediet Mixed Saver Pack 54 x 390g 5 8
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Product description

Naturediet dog food is a natural wet food, made as nature intended, according to the principle: "Made for people who care - by people who care".

This high-quality complete dog food contains a balanced mix of only the finest ingredients. It is gluten-free and does not contain any artificial additives, such as preservatives, attractants or flavourings.

The main ingredient of this premium food is real fresh meat, with a high meat content of at least 60% (except Naturediet Senior/Lite). Select chicken, lamb, turkey and fish provide your dog with lots of important protein. Gluten-containing grains have been deliberately omitted from the recipe, as these can often lead to allergies or food sensitivities in dogs. Instead, this wet food contains rice, which is an easily digestible source of healthy carbohydrates.

The specialty of Naturediet is the short cooking time. The food is cooked for less than 5 minutes to ensure that all the essential amino acids are preserved, keeping the protein quality of the food very high.

Naturediet Mixed Saver Pack 54 x 390g contains the following flavours:

  • 18 x Chicken
  • 18 x Chicken & Lamb
  • 18 x Lamb
More information about the individual varieties can be found here:


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