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20kg Eggersmann Feed + 1kg Eggersmann Pro Biotin Plus - Saver Bundle!*

Product description

20kg Eggersmann Feed + 1kg Eggersmann Pro Biotin Plus - Saver Bundle!* 5 4
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Product description

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Eggersmann Pro Biotin Plus horse supplement is a biotin concentrate that can lead to an improvement in the condition of horses with fragile and brittle hooves, poor horn quality and a lacklustre coat. Biotin supports the maturation of keratin-producing cells, stimulating horn formation and encouraging long-term cohesion in the hoof wall.

Supplementing your horse's diet with Eggersmann Pro Biotin Plus every day will ensure the sufficient provision of healthy active agents. Ingredients such as vitamin E, vitamin B6, selenium and organic zinc increase the effectiveness of the supplement, not only because they are vital for your horse's nerves and muscles, but also due to their positive effect on protein synthesis. This leads to additional improvements in hoof growth and hoof strength.

Eggersmann Pro Biotin Plus at a glance:

  • Biotin concentrate with zinc, vitamin E, vitamin B6 and selenium
  • Ideal for horses with dull or unhealthy coats
  • Improves the resilience of your horse's skin and supports changes in their coat
  • For enhanced hoof growth and strength
  • Promotes hoof elasticity
Eggersmann Horse Mixer contains added EMH (Eggersmann MicroHerbs), which is a highly active herb extract fermented using micro-organisms to support and relieve the digestive system. Eggersmann has been producing premium horse feed for over 35 years and is considered to be one of the leading manufacturers of equine feeds.

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