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Wagg Pet Food

Treat your dog to a delicious dish packed full of vital nutrients with this extensive selection of Wagg dog foods, including dry kibble and a selection of flavoursome treats.
No matter whether your dog is young, old or some age in between, there's something for everyone with Wagg. There is even a sensitive gluten-free option for those dogs particularly susceptible to allergies and dietary intolerance. What every dish has in common is a complete, balanced nutrition. Wagg dog food uses whole grains, animal protein and nutritious vegetables to provide your dog with a comprehensive meal that aims to keep health and vitality high.
Wagg also offers a great range of tasty treats, ideal for training, rewarding or encouraging your dog. They also make the ideal snack between meals, supplementing a complete balanced diet with tasty oven-baked titbits that are nutritious and full of natural flavour. With Wagg you really can find everything you could possibly need to keep your dog happy, healthy and active.
Healthy from nose to tail!

Wagg Pet Food

Healthy from nose to tail!

Your dog will adore delicious, wholesome Wagg dog food, available in rich, crunchy kibbles that are bound to satisfy and will provide your dog with all the key nutrients it needs to be healthy and active throughout its life. Wagg dry dog food is available in a range of options, with specifically tailored dishes for every age group - puppy, adult and senior. This helps ensure your dog receives the correct nutrition at each stage in its life, without having to compromise on flavour or enjoyment!
Wagg pet food also offers tasty dog treats, in a great selection including puppy treats, training treats and mouth-watering collection of flavours! Your dog will adore the occasional Wagg treat as an addition to its hearty Wagg dry kibble!

Find your dog’s perfect Wagg diet here at zooplus:

  • Wagg Dry Dog Food: the Wagg dry dog food collection includes something for everyone, Not only is it available in great flavours including beef, chicken and nutritious vegetables, but it has also been tailored into three separate nutrition options depending on your dog’s life stage. The puppy version is ideal for offering your dog everything it needs to grow into a healthy adult dog, with the adult version ensuring essential vitamins, minerals, protein and fibre keep your dog happy, healthy and active every single day, as well as keeping coats glossy and skin radiant! Once your dog has reached the golden age of 7, you can start feeding a Wagg Complete Senior diet, which is adapted to support healthy weight, teeth and mobility.
  • Wagg Dog Treats: let your dog enjoy the occasional guilt-free reward with these delightful Wagg Foods dog treats, oven-baked for a crispy texture and irresistible flavour in a healthier form! These Wagg Dog Treats are perfect for rewarding good behaviour, helping with training or simply extending the hand of friendship! There are even puppy treat varieties that are rich in chicken and yoghurt to help provide calcium to growing bones, as well as sensitive options to be kinder on tummies and low fat options with L-carnitine to boost metabolism. Everyone should be able to enjoy a treat from time to time!

Keep your dog healthy from nose to tail with a wholesome Wagg Foods dog food diet!

Why not take a look at our great selection of special offers available now at zooplus? Keeping your pet healthy and happy does not have to break the bank!